Frequently Asked Questions

Always feel free to email any questions or concerns.


When will my order begin processing?

As soon as possible. All of our packages are prepared by hand in our shoppe.

Should I refrigerate chocolate that I want to store?

We recommend storing your chocolate outside of the refrigerator in a cool dry place below 72 degrees. Most often, the refrigerator will contain other food which may alter the taste of the chocolate.

Can I ship to warm climates?

We ship all over the world. If a shipment is going to a warm climate, we require your order to be packed in an insulated box with ice packs. We will only ship 2-day or overnight depending on the current temperatures. Orders that do not include an ice brick and insulated box will be held until we are able to contact the customer.

Are there any preservatives in Teuscher Chocolate?

No! Teuscher Chocolate is made using absolutely no chemicals, additives or preservatives.